Choosing the right defense attorney can make or break your case.  Look for the following when deciding who you should hire:  passion, experience, skills and results.


Passion is the most crucial factor.  Passion provides the motivation and energy required to learn, perform, and persist as a defense attorney.  It enables a defense attorney to effectively use their experience and skills to get results for clients.  It means that a defense attorney enjoys and loves what they do.  Only consider hiring a defense attorney who is passionate about defending you.

Lisa’s passion shows in the following ways

  • She loves her work;

  • She puts in the extra effort needed to succeed;

  • She persists when people or the case become difficult or complex;

  • She thoroughly prepares for every case;

  • She zealously represents you throughout the case; and

  • She cares about you by listening and communicating with you


Criminal defense is a different universe from civil litigation.  Do not even consider hiring anyone who dabbles in criminal defense.

Lisa’s experience includes:

  • Former prosecutor;

  • Worked exclusively in criminal defense; and

  • Tried scores of jury and nonjury criminal trials


A defense attorney’s skills flow from their passion and experience.  Their skills are their arsenal that they use to help you.

Lisa’s skills include:

  • Excellent legal research skills; if she can’t find the relevant case or law, it’s because it doesn’t exist!;

  • Excellent legal writing skills; she crafts creative, persuasive legal arguments for pretrial and trial motions which may result in a dismissal or reduction of charges;

  • Persuasively argues before judges and juries;

  • Detail-oriented and thoroughly examines all seemingly trivial facts and evidence to find defense strategies;

  • Superb legal problem-solving ability; complex cases do not overwhelm or scare her;

  • Diplomatic; she can deal with people from all walks of life; and

  • Quickly learns new areas of law


Positive results naturally flow from a defense attorney’s passion, experience and skills.  Positive results are what you are interested in. 

  • Lisa gets positive results:  Lisa's Case Successes

  • Put Lisa’s passion, experience, and skills to work for positive results in your case!  Call LisaLaw, LLC or fill out the online form to schedule a free case review.



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