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A Note from My Heart

        If you are facing criminal charges, you may think your life is over. . . but it doesn’t  have to be.  I have helped scores of people get their charges dismissed or their sentences reduced.  Helping people is why I became a defense attorney.  I consider it my calling in life.  I love getting to know my clients and their cases:  digging into the details, looking for defense strategies, researching and writing motions, preparing for trial, and going to trial.  My motto is never give up!  No, your life does not have to end.  Let me help you!

                                               Lisa Witt

                            Mesa criminal defense attorney



Former prosecutor

plus decades as a defense attorney equals insight into the opposition's strategies 

Decades practicing only criminal defense

means mastery of the art  

Not afraid to go to trial

and prosecutors know this  

Solo practice

means you get Lisa Witt, not some first year associate working your case 

Thorough investigation of all evidence

including the police and the prosecutor’s witnesses  

Passion for best results

whether it’s dismissal of charges, not guilty at trial, or reduced charges 

Lisa strives for an effective and drama-free relationship with her clients.  She does not judge you nor does she pursue her own agenda.  She really listens to you when you have ideas about your case.  She keeps you informed about the progress of your case and answers any questions you may have.  Lisa will even give you her cell phone number. You really matter to her!


“Her insight provides invaluable guidance and peace of mind.”

-R. Y.

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