“Lisa got the prosecutor to dismiss my criminal charge.”

I hired Lisa only a few days before my arraignment.  She immediately began working on my case and kept me informed.  Lisa got the prosecutor to dismiss my criminal charge. 

Russell Shahenian

“Her insight provides invaluable guidance and peace of mind.”

I would whole heartedly recommend Lisa to anyone facing criminal proceedings. Not only is she up to date on the substantive law, her insight regarding how the legal system works provides invaluable guidance and peace of mind. She is dedicated to defending her clients’ rights and an advocate for justice for all persons regardless of gender, race, status or background. 


 “Lisa saved me from going to jail.”

I found out that I had a bench warrant out of Arizona after I moved out of state.  Lisa got rid of the bench warrant without me having to show up in court.  She saved me from going to jail. I am now going to school and building a future for myself and couldn't have done this without Lisa. She truly changed the direction my life was going. 

Ross Hopkins


“Masterfully persuasive…Lisa is the best!”

I have hired Lisa several times.  Her writing skills are excellent and her research ability even better.  Lisa has taken complicated fact situations and masterfully written a persuasive brief.  Lisa is the best! 



“I received probation instead of federal prison." 

I was facing years in federal prison for a white collar crime.  My attorney made me feel bad about myself and seemed incompetent.  I fired her when I realized that she was hurting my case instead of helping it.  Lisa took over my case, and  I received probation instead of federal prison.  L.N.

“Assertive and appropriately aggressive." 

I recently used Lisa's services for a federal case. Lisa is highly knowledgeable and extremely thorough. I was impressed with the broad scope of legal research she conducted and how quickly she brought herself up to speed regarding the intricacies of the case. Lisa is an effective communicator and her skills are apparent in written and verbal form. She is an extremely kind person, listens well and is not distracted while engaging with her client. Her kind demeanor should not be mistaken; she is quick witted, assertive and appropriately aggressive. She is the kind of attorney you want to work with, not against. I am most satisfied with the professional job she did for me. I would use her again and I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Felicia Elliott



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