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  • People subconsciously believe that a woman attorney would never represent a truly guilty client.  Therefore, Lisa’s passionate defense puts you in a better light in the minds of the jury.

  • As a woman, Lisa does not offend or alienate a jury when she aggressively cross-examines a female or child accuser at your trial. 

  • Witnesses open up to Lisa during pretrial interviews because she puts them at ease. Effective pretrial interviews often lead to dismissal or reduced charges in your case.

  • Lisa presents a believable, thorough defense at trial because of her meticulous preparation and her ability to see the defense through the jury’s eyes.  The jury is more likely to find you not guilty.

  • Lisa truly cares about her clients and works hard for them.  You are not just a case  to her.

  • Lisa is on the cutting edge of new laws and cases.  This means that no legal argument will be overlooked in your case.  

  • Lisa’s excellent legal research and writing skills may result in dismissal, not guilty, or reduced charges for you.

  • Lisa thoroughly analyzes your case in order to prepare an effective defense plan with your goals in mind.

  • Lisa does all of her own work.  When you hire Lisa Witt, you really get Lisa Witt.



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