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Sex offender probation terms and conditions can prevent you from using the internet (computer usage or internet terms) and being around any children without the express approval of Adult Probation (child terms).  Not being legally able to use the internet and be around children can make obtaining and keeping employment and participating in social activities with family and friends difficult or impossible.  You may have tried talking to your probation officer and therapist but haven’t gotten anywhere.  

You can get the terms and conditions of your sex offender probation modified by filing a motion to modify the terms and conditions.

A judge looks at the following factors in deciding whether to modify the terms and conditions of your sex offender probation:

  •  Compliance with the Adult Probation Department current terms and conditions;

  • Letters from family, friends and others supporting the modifications;

  • Probation officer’s support (or lack of support) for the modifications;

“Few attorneys know how to get sex offender probation terms and conditions modified— 

I know what works.”

  Lisa Witt

  • Therapist’s support (or lack of support) for the modifications.

You or your lawyer must prepare a Motion to Modify Sex Offender Terms and Conditions and file it with a judge.  If you were sentenced in Maricopa County, it must be filed with a specific judge who has been assigned by the Superior Court to hear and decide these motions.  The current judges are the Honorable Scott Minder and the Honorable Justin Beresky.

After your Motion is filed, the judge will ask Adult Probation to write a Memo to the Court about your conduct while on probation and whether or not Adult Probation opposes your requested modifications.  He will also ask the State to write a Response which usually tracks the Adult Probation Memo.  Finally, you have the option of writing a Reply to the Memo and Response.

 After reviewing everything, the judge can either grant or deny the Motion without a hearing or he can schedule the Motion for a hearing.


If you hire Lisa to prepare your motion, she will do the following:


  • Work with you to prepare your Motion to Modify Terms and Conditions;

  • Research any legal issues that arise in your case;

“I have a real passion for helping people restore their lives.”  Lisa Witt

  • Prepare a well-written, powerful, and persuasive Motion to Modify Terms and Conditions and Reply to the Adult Probation Memo to the Court and the State’s Response;

  • Represent you at the hearing before the judge.


Recently, a Client wanted the child terms of his lifetime sex offender probation terminated.  He had pled guilty to voyeurism of a woman. He was an involved dad of four children who became weary of the child terms.  Adult Probation portrayed him as a sexual deviant who was kicked out of therapy because of his manipulation and deceit.  Despite this, the judge ruled in favor of Lisa’s motion and removed the child terms of his sex offender probation without a hearing.


If you want to modify the terms and conditions of your sex offender probation, make sure you get an experienced, analytical attorney.  Call Lisa Witt, Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney or fill out the online form for a free case review.

Lisa Witt is a Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona sex offender probation modification attorney serving clients in the East Valley, West Valley, Maricopa County, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Casa Grande, Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye, Youngtown, Ahwatukee, Avondale, Tolleson.

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