Yes, it is possible for a judge to terminate your lifetime sex offender probation.


A judge looks at the following factors in deciding whether to terminate lifetime sex offender probation:


  • Length of time spent on probation; 


  • Compliance with the Adult Probation Department.  You must be current on all fees and complying with all conditions of your probation;


  • Polygraph and other test results;

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  • Letters from family, friends and others supporting the termination of your probation;


  • Probation officer’s support (or lack of support) for termination;


  • Therapist’s support (or lack of support) for termination;


  • Current evaluation from a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist that states that you are not a danger to the community.      


You or your lawyer must prepare a Petition to Terminate Sex Offender Probation and file it with a judge.  If you were sentenced in Maricopa County, it must be filed with a specific judge who has been assigned by the Superior Court to hear and decide these petitions. 


After your Petition is filed, the judge usually will schedule a hearing on it in the near future.  One of the following will happen at your hearing:  the judge will grant your Petition (terminate your probation), the judge will deny your Petition (not terminate your probation), or the judge will continue your hearing for one or more reasons.



If you hire Lisa to prepare your Petition, she will do the following:


  • Review your Presentence Investigation/Report, sentencing paperwork, probation paperwork, counseling/medical records, polygraph reports, and any other reports relevant to your case;


  • Contact your probation officer and therapist to determine if they support your Petition to Terminate;

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  • Work with you to prepare your Petition to Terminate;


  • Research any legal issues that arise from your case;


  • Prepare a well-written, powerful, and persuasive Petition to Terminate;


  • Represent you at the hearing(s) before the judge.



The following are actual clients whose Petitions Lisa has prepared which resulted in the termination of sex offender probation:


  • When client was stopped for a DUI, the police found a few computer images of child porn in the trunk of client’s car.  Client was sentenced to lifetime sex offender probation for attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.  The Court terminated his probation after six years


  • Client immediately turned himself in to the police after fondling his stepdaughters in 1997.  He was sentenced to lifetime sex offender probation for attempted child molestation and sexual abuse.  The Court terminated his probation after 10 years.


  • Client was a Vietnam veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was a diagnosed pedophile who had pled to two counts of attempted child molestation in 1996.  Despite 13 years with no new criminal charges and excellent progress in therapy, Client’s probation officer vehemently opposed the termination.  The Court terminated his probation because Client had been illegally sentenced to lifetime sex offender probation.


  • Client was an alcoholic who masturbated in front of his young children while drunk.  He was sentenced to lifetime sex offender probation for attempted child molestation.  The Court terminated his probation after 19 years.    


If you want to terminate sex offender probation, make sure you get an experienced, thorough attorney.  Call Lisa Witt, Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney or fill out the online form for a free case review.

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